The Surprising Link between Badminton and Improved Eyesight 


Ever since I picked up badminton again last year, something fascinating has been happening - my eyesight is getting better! There are occasions when I can read without my reading glasses, and my eyes don't feel as strained as before. 

I couldn't help but get curious about this intriguing phenomenon. So, I embarked on a journey to find answers, delving into research to uncover some explanation behind my improving eyesight. And guess what? Here's what I stumbled upon!

Playing sports like badminton could actually boost our eyesight! If you've noticed your vision getting better since playing sports, you're not the only one. Many folks have experienced the same fascinating benefit, and there is scientific evidence to support this intriguing phenomenon.


(Excited to show you my performance, which was inspired by Viktor Axelsen's awesome Twitter post of him playing against three walls.  Engaging in wall-drilling exercises can be an effective method to boost your hand-eye coordination)

In this quick read, I'll dive into how badminton might be connected to better eyesight. I'll also explore the possible mechanisms that could be behind this surprising link.

1. Increased Blood Circulation:

One big reason why our eyesight may be improving is the boost in blood circulation throughout our bodies during activities like badminton. When we get moving and exercise, our heart starts pumping faster, sending more blood flowing through our body, including our eyes. This increased blood flow could be the reason why our eyesight is getting better!


2. Eye-Focusing and Tracking Abilities:

Badminton requires quick and precise eye movements to track the shuttlecock and anticipate its trajectory. Regular practice of these rapid eye movements could lead to better eye-focusing and tracking abilities. As we consistently train our eyes to follow the shuttlecock's movements, it may result in enhanced visual coordination, making it easier for us to read without feeling as strained.


3. Peripheral Vision Enhancement:

During badminton matches, players must maintain awareness of the entire court to respond effectively to their opponent's shots. This increased reliance on peripheral vision may strengthen this visual skill over time. There's this interesting study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine [1] that revealed something fascinating! It turns out that athletes, including badminton players, demonstrate better peripheral vision than individuals who are not engaged in sports.


4. Reduced Eye Strain:

The act of focusing on a badminton game can serve as a form of active eye relaxation. Unlike activities such as reading or staring at screens, badminton requires constant shifts in focus, allowing our eyes to relax and reduce strain. As a result, our eye muscles might get more flexible and stronger, possibly leading to better vision and a decreased need for reading glasses.


5. Release of Neurotransmitters:

Our brain releases dopamine, endorphins, and other awesome neurotransmitters when we play badminton. These chemicals are known to boost our mood and help our brain work better! According to some studies, dopamine release may even enhance how we process visual information, which may result in improved vision.   


6. Stress Reduction:

Getting regular exercise is an amazing way to deal with stress. High levels of stress can lead to tense muscles around the eyes and impair visual clarity. By reducing stress through badminton, we may experience improved relaxation in our eyes, making it easier to read without the need for reading glasses.



The surprising connection between playing badminton and improved eyesight is supported by scientific evidence and can be attributed to various factors. Increased blood circulation, enhanced eye-focusing and tracking abilities, peripheral vision improvement, reduced eye strain, the release of neurotransmitters, and stress reduction are all potential contributing factors to this phenomenon. However, it's important to note that individual experiences may vary, and badminton alone might not be a cure for severe eyesight problems. 

So, if you've been contemplating whether to pick up that badminton racket again, this newfound understanding of the potential benefits for our eyesight might just be the motivation we need. Remember, regular exercise, including badminton, not only promotes overall health but also has the potential to positively impact our vision and overall well-being.