2-4-7 of Badminton Technique



While the primary focus of this website is Shoootle, it's also important to recognize that beginners in badminton need a solid grasp of the overall framework of the game. This is because understanding the basic techniques and structures of the game can serve as a good foundation to develop their skill and knowledge. Therefore, I believe it's worthwhile to provide a brief overview of badminton to give beginners a general framework for understanding the game better. 

To have a better grasp of the 2-4-7 of badminton technique, it's essential to comprehend the significance of the various aspects that impact one's badminton performance and how each aspect relates with one another. To put it another way, there's a popular adage in badminton that states, “Your performance in badminton is affected 10% by your equipment, 30% by your techniques, and 60% by your footwork.” Therefore, it can be said that badminton footwork is the skill that one should work on honing the most. However, since Shoootle doesn't require much footwork, I wouldn't be covering this topic here.



When you first begin playing badminton, you'll frequently hear the terms "strokes," "grips," and "shots" used on the court. So what exactly are they?

  • A “stroke” in badminton is how a player strikes the shuttlecock with their racket. There are TWO different types of strokes: forehand and backhand. When you use a forehand stroke, you hit the shuttlecock with your racket, while your palm is facing the shuttlecock. Whereas, when you use a backhand stroke, you hit the shuttlecock with your racket while the back of your hand is facing the shuttlecock. 

  • A “grip” is the way a player holds their racket while making shots during a game. There are FOUR types of grips used in badminton, namely: basic, thumb, bevel, and panhandle. If you'd like to learn more about the different types of grips used in badminton, I've prepared a separate page dedicated to this topic. Click the link below to visit the page and discover more about the basic grip, thumb grip, bevel grip, and panhandle grip. With a better understanding of these grips, you can improve your technique and take your badminton game to the next level. Click here to learn more: Correct Gripping Technique.

  • A "shot" refers to the action of hitting the shuttlecock with the racket in an attempt to make it cross over the net and land on the opponent's court. There are SEVEN types of shots in badminton: serve, clear, drop, lift, drive, smash, and net. These shots are used strategically during a game to outmaneuver and outscore the opponent.