Seven Types of Shots


A "shot" refers to the action of hitting the shuttlecock with the racket in an attempt to make it cross over the net and land on the opponent's court. There are SEVEN types of shots in badminton: serve, clear, drop, lift, drive, smash, and net. These shots are used strategically during a game to outmaneuver and outscore the opponent.



The lift shot is a high shot hit deep into the opponent's court. It is a defensive stroke that sends the shuttlecock high and deep into the opponent's court, with the aim of moving the opponent away from the net and gaining time to regain control of the game. The lift shot is usually used in response to a drop shot or a net shot from the opponent.



The lift shot requires good timing, accuracy, and control, as it is a defensive stroke that aims to neutralize the opponent's attacking shots. A skilled player should be able to execute the lift shot effectively to keep the opponent on their toes and to create opportunities to regain control of the game.