Seven Types of Shots


A "shot" refers to the action of hitting the shuttlecock with the racket in an attempt to make it cross over the net and land on the opponent's court. There are SEVEN types of shots in badminton: serve, clear, drop, lift, drive, smash, and net. These shots are used strategically during a game to outmaneuver and outscore the opponent.



The net shot is a soft shot played near the net, used to create opportunities for attacking shots or to force the opponent into making an error.



To execute a net shot, the player should use a short and gentle swing, hitting the shuttlecock with a light touch to drop it just over the net. The player should aim to hit the shuttlecock just above the tape of the net, making it difficult for the opponent to return the shuttlecock with power or accuracy. A net shot can be played with either a forehand or backhand grip, depending on the situation.

The net shot can be either a spinning net shot or a tumbling net shot, depending on the type of spin applied to the shuttlecock. A spinning net shot is played with a spinning motion that makes the shuttlecock bounce back towards the net after it has crossed over, while a tumbling net shot is played with a straight motion that makes the shuttlecock drop quickly and sharply after it has crossed over.

The net shot can also be played straight or cross-court, depending on the situation in the game and the opponent's positioning.

A skilled player should be able to execute the net shot effectively to keep the opponent on their toes and to create opportunities to win points. The net shot requires good touch, control, and deception, as it is a delicate stroke that aims to outsmart the opponent's defense. However, the net shot should be used with caution, as it can also create opportunities for the opponent to counter-attack if not executed properly.