Taylor's ESG Workshop – Crafting a Zero Waste Badminton Future 


Exciting news turned into inspiring action! My recent collaboration with TEG (Taylor's Education Group) brought forth an engaging ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) awareness workshop, focusing on the vital facets of sustainability. During this event, I passionately highlighted my commitment to responsible organizational practices, specifically shedding light on the initiative of creating awareness for my Zero Waste Badminton project. The event may be over, but the impact resonates. Here's a glimpse of the enriching activities that unfolded during our exploration of ESG principles. Let's continue to learn, engage, and contribute to a more sustainable future together.

As I share a series of captivating pictures from the workshop, I hope to capture the essence of collaborative learning and the enthusiasm of participants committed to shaping a more sustainable future. From group activities that sparked curiosity and interest to networking sessions that fostered meaningful connections, the workshop was a vibrant collage of shared knowledge and collective commitment.

Thank you to everyone who joined me for the Taylor's ESG Workshop—an insightful exploration of Environmental, Social, and Governance principles. The workshop not only delved into sustainable practices and responsible organizational conduct but also served as a vital platform for creating awareness about my Zero Waste Badminton Initiative.

From thought-provoking discussions to interactive activities, participants actively engaged in understanding the importance of integrating ESG into organizational strategies and supporting initiatives like my zero-waste effort. Let's continue to spread awareness and collectively work towards a more sustainable future.