Frequently Asked Questions


Could you kindly provide a breakdown of how the RM10,000 funds will be utilized??

Here's a tentative breakdown of how I plan to utilize the RM10,000 funds throughout the campaign, spanning from August 2023 to August 2024:


  1. Production of 100 sets of magnetic Go boards: RM3,500

    • Each set of magnetic Go board costs RM35 to produce.


  1. Refurbishing used shuttlecocks for the needy: RM1,500

    • Time spent on collecting and refurbishing used shuttlecocks to be distributed to the needy.

    • Cost for materials and equipment needed for the refurbishing process.

Remaining funds: RM5,000 (RM10,000 - RM3,500 - RM1,500)


The remaining funds of RM5,000 will be allocated for the following:


  1. Upcycling and Creativity Workshops: RM2,000

    • Hosting workshops to promote upcycling and creativity within the community.


  1. Distribution and Outreach: RM1,500

    • Covering expenses related to distributing Go board sets and refurbished shuttlecocks to welfare homes, orphanages, and those in need.

    • Facilitating outreach programs to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental consciousness.


  1. Marketing and Awareness: RM1,500

    • Running marketing campaigns to spread awareness about the "Go Green, Go Sustainable" initiative and encourage participation and support.

    • Creating promotional materials to engage a wider audience and attract potential donors.


  1. Maintenance and Website: RM1,000

    • Maintaining website and hosting platform to keep the campaign accessible and updated.

    • Ensuring smooth communication and engagement with donors and the community.

(I wish to emphasize that I am proficient in using the Joomla CMS platform, which allows me to independently manage website maintenance. As a result, there is currently no need for the services of a website creator, despite the market rate for a website of more than 10 pages being typically around RM5K.)


  1. Miscellaneous Expenses: RM1,000

    • Allocating funds for any unforeseen expenses or contingencies that may arise during the campaign.


While my initial fundraising target is set at RM10,000, my commitment to this initiative is lifelong. As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and I understand that the full scope of my endeavor may require more resources in the long run.