How to Be a Funder


I am excited to announce that I have partnered with to facilitate my fundraising campaign. Through this collaboration, I have created a dedicated campaign page where funders like you can contribute towards my initiative.

To contribute, simply head to and visit my dedicated campaign page. There, you can easily make your contribution and support my initiative. provides a secure and user-friendly platform, ensuring a seamless donation experience.

Your sponsorship is instrumental in supporting my initiative, allowing me to cover essential expenses for organizing and running the project. These funds will be allocated towards administrative and promotional costs, such as website hosting, domain registration, marketing materials, and other related expenses. After careful planning and evaluation, I have determined that approximately Malaysian Ringgit RM10,000 is required for a successful launch. This funding will cover crucial aspects, including the production costs of 100 sets of magnetic Go boards, research and development of other upcycling products, awareness creation efforts, event hosting, and more.


What Can Funders Gain from Supporting My Initiative?

In sincere appreciation of your support, I am dedicated to acknowledging and honoring each and every contributor. As a gesture of gratitude, your name or company will be prominently featured on the Gallery of Funders page on my website, recognizing your invaluable contribution in bringing this initiative to life and making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Once your contribution is confirmed, please send me your details and a copy of your contribution receipt from SimplyGiving via the following link:

Additionally, for those who wish to remain anonymous, please rest assured that your privacy preferences will be respected. If you prefer not to have your name or company displayed publicly, kindly let me know, and I will ensure your contribution is acknowledged in a manner that respects your wishes.

If you're ready to sponsor my initiative, please visit my SimplyGiving campaign page at


Your generosity will play a crucial role in helping me achieve my goal and make a meaningful impact. Thank you for considering to be part of this important cause.


Guidelines for Funders: Acceptable Fundings and Restrictions

While I appreciate funding from individuals of all backgrounds, please note that I am unable to accept funding from those who seek to promote pornographic websites or online gambling sites, as this is prohibited by the laws in my country. I appreciate your understanding.