Types of Shoootle Games


There are many variations to the game you can play, such as 3-Hit, Semicircle, or Fullcircle. Choose one and familiarize yourself with the rules and scoring. If you choose to develop your own games, I encourage you to share them with the Shoootle community on the Shoootle Facebook page.



This game forms the basis of my ongoing challenge where players are given 6 shuttlecocks to play. In order to win, you must successfully hit 3 shuttlecocks into 3 targets in any order. The hitting line, also known as the serve, is marked at a distance of three meters from the Shoootle face, and participants are required to stand behind it.

Why 6 shuttlecocks and not 7, 8 or 9 as I've often been asked? Well, I'm simply using an arithmetic progression to determine the number of shuttlecocks to use for a game. I have tried using 9 shuttlecocks and have been successful in hitting 3 shuttlecocks into 3 targets. However, I have not yet succeeded using 6 shuttlecocks so far and am looking for someone who can. Therefore, I am presenting a challenge to anyone who believes they have the ability to successfully use six shuttlecocks and win the game!